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Julia K. Kuark

Dr. sc. tech.

Analysis, Planning and Realization of Organizational Change

e.g. work analysis and definition of tasks

Moderation and Management of Change Processes

e.g. roundtable discussion with involved parties

Strategy Development for Small Enterprises and the Self-Employed

e.g. coaching and following-up on starting your own business

Literature Reviews on various Topics

e.g. self-directed learning, intercultural competence or leadership

Analysis, Development and Introduction of Innovative Working Models

e.g. TopSharing

Supporting Equality of Women and Men at the Workplace

e.g. orientation, setting goals and defining measures for raising the number of females in leadership positions

Gender Check

A preliminary survey and overview for Gender Mainstreaming

Case Studies and Evaluation of Flexible Ways of Work

e.g. Part-time work and jobsharing

Analysis and Reflection of Organisational Culture

e.g. through the understand of roles and cultural values

Our collaboration with Julia Kuark was a great experience: she successfully combined her comprehensive expertise,
high motivation and team spirit with a hands-on approach to developing meaningful und possible solutions. Thanks to
her support, we were able to address the topic of flexible working conditions as a prominent issue in the circle of
our member organizations.

Dr. Mario Marti, Attorney MJur, Manager usic Swiss Association of Consulting Engineers